”’Missouri”’ is a state in the Midwest of the United States, the 24th state in the union. The Missouri state is bordered immediately by eight other USA states. The state has two of the largest rivers in North America, the Mississippi and its Missouri tributary, crossing the state from west to east and connecting the two largest cities of the state – Kansas City and St. Louis.

The capital of the state is Jefferson City.

Missouri’s nicknames

Show Me State, Cave State, and Mother of the West


Missouri area

Total 69,715 sq mi (180,560 km2)
Width 240 miles (390 km)
Length 300 miles (480 km)


Historically, the state has always been considered as the southern state. This is because of both the influx of migrants from the South and its status as a slave state during the American Civil War of 1861-1865.
People settled in these places for seven thousand years before the first Europeans appeared here. For a thousand years before our era, Mississippi culture existed on the territory of Missouri. For unclear reasons, this culture fell into decay, people left this lands, and St. Louis got the nickname “Kurgan city” – because of a large number of these artificial bulk structures.

The first Europeans in these places were the French Canadians, who founded the city of Sainte-Genevieve in 1735. The land of Missouri became part of New France.
At the beginning of the 19th century, the United States offered France to buy that part of New France that stretched from Louisiana to the Canadian border. Napoleon Bonaparte understood that the Americans could simply take away New France from him, and therefore he sold it at a price of 7 cents per hectare. March 10, 1804, in St. Louis, the ownership of New France, including the land of the future state of Missouri, officially transferred it from France to the United States.
At the same time, Missouri got the nickname “Gates to the West,” because new waves of migrants from Europe that were sent to conquer the Wild West started their way here. Many slaves were brought here to work on tobacco and corn plantations. In 1821, Missouri officially became the 24th state of the United States, after which its population doubled every 10 years.

During the Civil War between the North and the South, Missouri entered the Confederation of the Southern States for some time but soon left it.
As a result of the development of the Union Pacific rail network, the importance of the largest cities St. Louis and Kansas City has increased manifold.
Now, as well as two hundred years ago, coal and limestone are mined here, and tribal bulls and pigs are raised. In the 20th century, aerospace and chemical enterprises appeared in large cities.


Around 6,000,000 people live in Missouri. The average population density in the state is about 87.1/sq mi  (33.7/km2).

The largest cities of Missouri are Kansas City (about 460,000 inhabitants), St. Louis (about 320,000 inhabitants) and Springfield (about 160,000 inhabitants). About 45,000 people live in the capital of the state Jefferson City.

TOP 5 Universities

Best Universities in Missouri

* Washington University in St. Louis
* University of Missouri
* University of Missouri-Kansas City
* Saint Louis University
* Missouri State University


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