”’South Carolina”’ is a state in the southeastern United States, one of the so-called South Atlantic states.
The name of the state is received from the name of the province of Carolina, a British colony in North America, which in 1712 was divided into North Carolina and South Carolina. The region of Carolina was named the English King Charles II in honor of his father – King Charles I (Carolus).

The capital of South Carolina is Columbia.

South Carolina’s nicknames

The Palmetto State


South Carolina area

Total 32,030 sq mi (82,931 km2)
Width 200 miles (320 km)
Length 260 miles (420 km)


In 1663 the lands of North Carolina and South Carolina states were donated by the King of Great Britain Charles II to eight English lords. The future Charleston, and in 1670 Charles Town (named in honor of the king, like the colony itself) turned out to be the first European settlement in South Carolina.
In 1729, South Carolina became an independent colony. One of the historical battles of the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) was the battle near Cowpens in 1781 that took place in South Carolina and ended with the victory of the Americans. After the war, South Carolina became the eighth state in the United States.

Cotton plantations, where the slaves worked, gave high profits. South Carolina was considered the state with the highest per capita income.
In 1860, South Carolina announced its withdrawal from the United States, protesting against the abolition of slavery. Based on the proclaimed independence, the governor demanded that all federal property in its territory, including military facilities, such as Fort Sumter, located in Charleston Harbor, be returned to state ownership. The storming of Sumter in 1861 marked the beginning of the American Civil War.
The troops of the “northerners” under the command of General William Sherman in 1865 destroyed and burned many plantations and the capital of Colombia. South Carolina restored its economy after the Civil War for many years.

The wealth of planters in South Carolina and their tastes determined the position of the state — there are still no large cities in South Carolina, few areas of high-rise buildings, and forests occupy most of the area.


About 4,680,000 people live in South Carolina. The average population density in South Carolina is about 157/sq mi (60.6/km2).

There are no big cities in South Carolina, in the largest of them, Colombia, there are about 130,000 inhabitants. Other towns in the state are  Charleston (about 120,000 inhabitants), North Charleston (about 100,000 inhabitants), Mount Pleasant and Rock Hill (about 70,000 inhabitants).

The largest urban agglomerations in the state formed around Colombia (more than 780,000 people), Charleston and North Charleston (more than 680,000 people) and Greenville (about 650,000 people). Located near the state’s northern border, Rock Hill enters the metropolitan area that grew up around Charlotte in neighboring North Carolina.

 TOP 5 Universities

Best Universities in South Carolina

* University of South Carolina
* Clemson University
* Medical University of South Carolina
* College of Charleston
* Furman University


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