”’Michigan”’ is a state in the Midwest of the United States, part of the Northeastern Center state group. The 26th state in the union.

Michigan is bordered by the Canadian province of Ontario and washed by Lake Huron and Erie in the east, it is bordered by the states of Ohio and Indiana in the south. It is bordered by Wisconsin and is washed by Lake Michigan in the west,  and it is washed by Lake Superior and has a border with the states of Illinois and Minnesota in the north.

The capital of Michigan is Lansing.

Michigan’s nicknames

The Great Lake(s) State, The Wolverine State, The Mitten State, Water (Winter) Wonderland


Michigan area

Total 96,716 sq mi (250,493 km2)
Width 386 miles (621 km)
Length 456 miles (734 km)


Several Indian tribes Ojibuei, Menomini, Ottawa, Miami, and Potawatomi lived on the territory of Michigan. All of them were Algonquin – a group of indigenous peoples of North America, united by the kinship of the language. The total number of indigenous people before the arrival of Europeans reached 35 thousand people.

The first Europeans penetrated to these places was the French travelers and hunters. In 1622, the Frenchman Etienne Brühle visited these areas: he explored the Great Lakes region and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. But only 40 years later, in 1668, the first permanent settlement appeared here – the Catholic mission of Salt St. Mary on the Upper Peninsula, founded by Jesuit missionary Jacques Marquette.

At the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th centuries, settlements appeared along the entire Michigan coast of the Great Lakes. In 1701, French officer Antoine de la Mot Cadillac founded a fort on the Lower Peninsula, which later became Detroit, one of the largest industrial cities in the United States.
The French were not involved in the economic development of the territory, preferring the purchase of furs and missionary activity.
In the second half of the XVIII century, Michigan became the property of Great Britain. The British held this territory until the very end of the 18th century, even after the defeat of the US War of Independence (1775-1783) and the recognition of the United States as an independent state.
The population of Michigan began to grow sharply after the Erie Canal was opened in 1825, connecting the Hudson River and New York with the Great Lakes. The state of Michigan became the twenty-sixth state of the USA in 1837.

In the middle of the XIX century, iron and copper were found on the Upper Peninsula, which marked the beginning of the development of the mining industry.
Michigan massively joined the army of northerners during the American Civil War of 1861-1865.
Michigan became the center of the USA auto industry.
In the 1960s a significant number of Afro-Americans settled in Michigan. They were unhappy with unemployment, and in 1967, a civil disturbance occurred in Detroit, known as the 12th Street Riot.


About 9,900,000 people live in Michigan, with an average population density of about 174/sq mi  (67.1/km2).

The largest city in the state is Detroit, over 900 thousand people live in it. Other major cities in Michigan are Grand Rapids (about 200,000 inhabitants), Warren (about 135,000 inhabitants), Sterling Heights (about 125,000 inhabitants). About 115,000 people live in the state capital, Lansing.

TOP 5 Universities

Best Universities in Michigan

* University of Michigan
* Michigan State University
* Wayne State University
* Michigan Technological University
* Western Michigan University


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