”’New Hampshire”’ is a small state in the northeastern United States.
New Hampshire is part of the New England region. It is bordered by the Canadian province of Quebec in the north, by the state of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean in the east,  by Massachusetts in the south, and by Vermont in the west.
The state of New Hampshire was named after the county of Hampshire, located in the south of England.

The capital of the state is Concord.

New Hampshire’s nicknames

The Granite State, The White Mountain State


New Hampshire area

Total 9,349 sq mi (24,214 km2)
Width 68 miles (110 km)
Length 190 miles (305 km)


The northeastern coast of America was explored by French and British colonialists in the early 17th century. The first permanent settlement was organized by a group of English fishermen near the city of Portsmouth in 1623. They built a fortress and several buildings for processing fish. The colony, which later became the state of New Hampshire, was founded by Captain John Mason in 1629. He named it after the English county of Hampshire.

New Hampshire was one of the thirteen colonies that rebelled against British rule and initiated the American Revolutionary War.
Actually, it was the New Hampshire people who began the American Revolution, capturing the British Fort William and Mary in December 1774. The rebels were supplied with weapons and gunpowder in that battle. This contribution of the state to the struggle of Americans for freedom was taken into account when signing the Declaration of Independence.
In 1784, the constitution of New Hampshire came into power, and the state ratified the Constitution of the United States in 1788.

In 1809, the hero of the War of Independence, a New Hampshire general John Stark, was unable to meet his fellow soldiers on the anniversary of the Battle of Bennington for health reasons and sent them a letter with a toast: “Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils. ” The first part of this phrase was in 1945 the official motto of the state of New Hampshire, famous for its strong desire for independence.
The concept of freedom in this state was respected at the internal level. Slave labor had never been significant in its economy. Even before the beginning of the Civil War, abolitionist public organizations were operating here. By the way, today the black population of the state is tiny about 1%.
Natural sights began to attract tourists to New Hampshire from the beginning of the 20th century. Since the 1970s, tourism has become a vital source of income for the state.


Around 1,320,000 people live in New Hampshire. The average population density in the state is about 147/sq mi  (56.8/km2).

The largest cities of the state of New Hampshire are Manchester (about 110,000 inhabitants), Nashua (more than 85,000 inhabitants), Rochester (about 30,000 inhabitants), Keene (about 25,000 inhabitants). In the capital of New Hampshire, the city of Concord, live about 45,000 people.

TOP 5 Universities

Best Universities in New Hampshire

* Dartmouth College
* University of New Hampshire
* Southern New Hampshire University
* Plymouth State University
* Saint Anselm College


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